Cape Town-based ONEOFEACH is owned by mother-and-daughter design duo Tamburai and Pauline Chirume. Tamburai comes from a fashion retail and styling background, having worked with major fashion magazines such as ELLE Bulgaria, and studied consumer science in retail fashion management. She then joined the banking world of wealth and investments, which has helped conceptualise their ONEOFEACH dream to become a business reality. Pauline is a fashion designer and contemporary visual artist with over 30 years' experience.

Tamburai and Pauline's collaborative journey has led to the creation of a strong brand, which embraces their love of ethnic prints, leather and all-natural fibres and results in handbags and accessories that are pieces of art. They draw inspiration from each fabric that is sourced, creating unique pieces with their own identities and stories.

ONEOFEACH promotes a spirit of creative authenticity where modern fibers meet ethnic traditional prints from all over Africa. Tamburai and Pauline believe that the customer is an individual who is drawn to a piece for a reason, so they make only one item in each style per size.

Sustainability and conserving the Earth and natural resources is one of Tamburai and Pauline's main values, therefore they use mostly off-cut materials when making all the items. Their vision is of a balance between wisdom, innovation and recent fashion trends, which is evident in the products they create.


The African Academy of Fashion, established by ONEOFEACH, located in Cape Town, South Africa focuses on practical and hands-on training to equip women with the fundamental  principles, techniques and knowledge that will enable them to utilize the skills of constructing garments and accessories. 

The program continues to bridge the gap between the higher education system and the workplace; providing a platform for young women from underserved communities to acquire skills to increase their employability prospects within the fashion industry and through innovation, potentially start their own creative businesses.