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Like Mother, Like Daughter: ONEOFEACH

Like Mother, Like Daughter: ONEOFEACH

ONEOFEACH is the brainchild of a mother and daughter duo, the success of which would not have been made possible without the expert design experience of my mother, and the discerning, contemporary eye that I bring. So in celebration of the unique bond that has led to the birth of many such businesses, we bring you the Like Mother, Like Daughter series, where we’ll profile mother-daughter founders, pioneers, and creators. Here’s our story. 

What inspired you to start ONEOFEACH together?

We started our business in May 2013. The inspiration for starting our business was driven by our passion for our continent and how it has always been perceived by the world. We wanted to transform the mind-sets towards African-inspired products by creating  a product which represents Africa holistically, made in South Africa, using fabric sourced from various regions in Africa and leather off cuts, however at premium quality and an immaculate finish. Ultimately,  a high-end fashion product made in Africa, this would and has enabled us to appeal  to the global market. We believe that through this we are an agent  of change within our continent .

What were you both doing before you founded ONEOFEACH?

Pauline (Mom), has 40 years of experience in the fashion industry having owned a CMT and manufacturing for large retailers in the past. She also comes from a very artistic family and she is also a visual artist. Tamburai comes from a solid business background having worked in banking and asset management for many years. She was also a stylist, having worked with world renowned photographers and magazines such as Elle Bulgaria.

How would you describe your relationship and how is it different when you’re at work versus at home?

It is something we are unaware of and has always been normal to us. Working together is not a decision that we made, it is just that our relationship has evolved to add another element which happens to be business.

What strengths or qualities do each of you bring to your brand?

We both have different strengths and weaknesses which we are aware of and this helps to create the balance and a perfect creative design duo. We have the same vision which is ultimately the most important thing; we believe that the fundamentals of a great business relationship are built on great values, respect for one another and an excellent work ethic.

How do you deal with disagreements or differing perspectives?

We love working together, we are an excellent team. We are really proud to say we have never had a dispute, we might not agree on everything but we understand each other.

What do you love most about working together?

The mother and daughter dynamic is really amazing, it is something that we are not really aware of, as it is natural to us. We have worked together since Tamburai (daughter) was really young. We find it strange when people point it out and ask us how it is to work together, as mother and daughter.

What advice do you have for mother and daughter partnerships?

Grow your network, your network is truly your net worth and doors to many opportunities through relationship building and nurturing relationships. When it comes to your industry, people must think of you first as a point of referral. With equal access to opportunities that is how we break barriers, but relationship building takes time, energy, effort, tolerance of the human being, and patience.

Where do you both hope to see ONEOFEACH going forward?

Our future plans are to continue to grow the ONEOFEACH brand to be a global mother and daughter brand and ultimately change the African narrative.

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